They call you crazy, bitchy, uneven, miserable, and so much more. Often times it’s  behind your back or there are small whispers no one really knows how you feel inside hell you don’t even know how you feel inside some days. You don’t know if you are coming or going, if you’re going to wake up sitting on top of the world or feeling like you just want to crawl into a shell and not be in existence today. Why can’t I be like everyone else? Why don’t I know how I feel or what I’m feeling?  I sometimes don’t even know when I’m feeling it! Why can’t I control this?

So many unanswered questions. One thing always remains the same I have a chemical in balance or so they say it’s called Bipolar. Well damn who knew? Certainly not me for at least 39 years of my life.  I thought I was living life adventurous, sometimes lonely, sometimes sad, often times all at the same damn time. Hey doesn’t everyone else experience this? Well come to find out although I’m not the only one experiencing this not everyone is. Unbelievable right? I’m unique and special but at the same time I’m unique and special and I need meds for it. The saga continues as a matter fact I’m just getting started.

Has anybody else experienced this does anyone else know how I’m feeling…

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